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Helen AHA Helsingborg

Bild från 2015 Kulturhotellet

Helen - AHA

My vision is to raise life quality for people through art and and heartfelt experiences.

Art is my life- what feels like art to me that is. Art - I have come to realise is alot different from person to person - it doesn't make it less art in one or the other way. For me Art is created from the depth of our soul- and whatever is created with and from our deepest place shows traces of deeper meaning, feeling - and that is when it becomes art to me. 

When I paint I need to feel - without feeling the image or sculpture becomes stale and inexpressive - uninteresting. So I paint when I feel that I have to or want to - no matter what time of day/night it is. Sometimes I loose complete interest in painting and when I do, I sculpt! Creating things in treedimensional forms inspire me and give me new ideas and sometimes I get so inspired and just keep sculpting for weeks.
I paint on commission and strangely enough after twenty years of doing so I still love it. It takes me out of my comfort zone and brings ideas out of the deepest part of me that I might have missed if not learning the desires of other people. I love a challenge and I believe they help me evolve both as a person and artist.

I have always painted and drawn, since I got my hands on crayons - I would paint anywhere on anything. Animals was what first inspired me. It wasn't always easy, but that is how we evolve. It took alot of practice and sometimes frustration - in a good way. When we are passionate about something we go through hell and back and hell again - it doesn't matter. It is always worth it.

For me painting is like meditation for others- total bliss. When I paint a painting I prefer being able to work on it without interuption until I am done - if inspired! Sometimes I have to break it up for weeks, or even months.
If one medium is not giving me the results I want I will try a differens one. Graphite, charcoal, pastel, acrylics, oils, watercolor and ink.

In the end it just feels right and that is when I know that I am done - this is what I try to bring about when I teach - how to be satisfied, to know you are done.



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